Encapsulating the variegated life of a man like Parag Parikh, is not easy. It is difficult indeed, to describe Parag Parikh in a few words...He was a multi-hued man whose palette was large enough to accommodate several colours. Undeterred by the challenges that life threw at him, he constantly explored new avenues in which to express and enrich himself.

In between, he found time to travel, write, learn new skills (guitar and golf) and serve as a friend & guide to all who approached him. Not just stopping at urging everyone to develop their physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual aspects, he walked his talk with aplomb by nurturing each of these himself.



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“Take the time every day to be grateful, thankful for everything you have. You can always have more, but you could also have less.” Gratitude

Apr 18, 2015
At the entrance of Mumbai Head Office - Nariman Point